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Resort Services offers Quality Cable TV for your enjoyment. To order service you can either visit the onsite Kiosk or order below. Once your order is processed service will automatically turn on within a few minutes. Please visit our support page for helpful hints or should you have any issues.


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For assistance with your service please refer to these helpful hints to resolve common issues.


Unplug Your TV During a Storm and When You Leave!  

  • We do not insure for any damages

Auto Tune Your TV!

  • Make sure all of your cable connections are secure from the outside post directly to your camper. 
  • Make sure your Antenna Amplifier (this is found inside your camper) is TURNED OFF.
  • This could a blue or green button behind the TV or in a cabinet
  • Make sure your input is set to cable or TV.  DO NOT SET TO ANTENNA OR AIR.
  • In your TV menu, run a channel scan to pick up all available channels. (This is sometimes called Auto Programming, Channel Search, Auto tune, etc).

Avoid Paying for a Service Call

  • Over 90% of service calls are due to poor fittings, wiring, and splitters in RV’s.  
  • The problem is likely inside the RV if:
  • Other TV’s in your RV are working and the picture is good.
  • Your neighbors have a good quality picture.

How to Test Your Picture

  • Unplug the cable wire from the RV outside (leaving it connected to the post, which is typically located outside near the electrical pedestal) and plug directly into your TV.

Troubleshooting Tips


Do you have black & white snow? - Is it on all TV’s?

  • Check all connections inside the camper.
  • Connect directly from the post located outside to the TV.

Weak/No Signal? - Is it on all TV’s?

  • Check Connections
  • Check input- Make sure you are not on air or antenna


Not getting all Channels?

  • Check input- Make sure you are not on air or antenna
  • Auto program your TV

Only getting lower channels?

  • Check fitting on the back of your TV and at other connection points
  • Check input- Make sure you are not on air or antenna


  • “Acts of God” are not covered and refunds will not be provided.
  • Service calls start at $50 and are charged on a hourly basis if the problem is caused by any issue in your RV.
  • If you are unsure how to perform any of the tasks above, please do not hesitate to give our friendly customer service associates a call at 856.441.3660
  • Please be aware, we are responsible to provide a signal to the post located outside of your trailer.